Royal Sparkle

Royal Sparkle


Royal blue translucent glass contrasts against sparkling amber and violet to create a stunningly majestic appearance. Silver tone toggle clasp and Emerge lotus complete the look. Wear as a single loop or double it up for added effect. 

All jewellery is handmade by young women in Sri Lanka, the sale of which helps them to develop a life outside of the abuse and poverty that they have come from. Each necklace is a symbol of strength and pride - by purchasing a piece, you will be directly helping a girl supported by Emerge, to create her own savings.

Made in: Sri Lanka 

Materials: Glass beads, metal toggle clasp and flower

Size: 107cm (42in) total length. 52cm(20.5in) as single loop

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Emerge Global works with girls in Sri Lanka who have survived abuse, often in their own families, and have had the courage to speak out, to work to protect their younger sisters, and to create a safe reality for their own children. Through the Emerge Beads-to-Business Program these young women are enabled to make jewellery and through this, learn critical business and financial literacy skills. It is a symbol of her self-confidence and independence which endures in spite of abuse, poverty, and social stigmatisation. 50% of Emerge Global’s jewellery selling prices goes directly into the designer’s savings account. With this money, our program alumni have started businesses, financed education, and even built homes. The remaining 50% covers the cost of materials and product distribution, so that Emerge Global can support the healing of more survivors.

Your support gives her a voice through creative expression and economic autonomy through savings generation, enabling her to truly emerge into her own