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Sophia Willcocks with Uganda 2000 artisan


KeapSake was founded with the hope of creating employment opportunities in developing countries so that people can earn sustainable incomes and, in doing so, work towards eliminating poverty. We believe the best people to help communities are those that are part of them. Rather than enacting temporary relief measures or sending money as part of short-term aid, we want to invest in communities so that they are empowered to create change for themselves.

At KeapSake we believe in the saying that the people closest to the problem are closet to its solution. By working together with artisans in emerging economies we support local craft development, as well as celebrate the skills of each region. 

Through trade, families and predominately women who often have limited access to paid work, are able to gain economic independence, preserve traditional crafts and create brighter futures for their children. Direct trade creates better educated, prosperous and more stable societies which, we believe, makes the world a better place.




We believe that our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take. Our personal spaces deserve designs with a soul, a story and a purpose. We want you to feel good about the products that you buy, how you decorate your home and the gifts that you give. At our core is the exploration of how it is made - the story of the product. Where each will have an imprint of the culture within which it was made and the hands that created it. 

The curated collection at KeapSake is either designed or hand-picked by us. Products that are functional and beautifully handcrafted, yet also responsibly made in an ethical and sustainable way. We focus on high quality products that are made to last. As things used to be before the 'throw-away' society over took us. Less 'fast fashion' and more of an emphasis on sustainable small batch 'slow production'. As we believe that 'cheap' can actually work out to be more expensive....in the long run.  




KeapSake - a play on words with a word that holds meaning for many of us. Keepsakes are mementos. Special items that remind us of people or events. All the products that feature on KeapSake bear the mark of the people that make them and convey the story of that country and it's culture. By bringing them into your home, you are sharing in that story. 

We hope that the items purchased through KeapSake will last, be kept so to speak, for years to come. So that their story can be passed on while contributing to a more sustainable way of life, by avoiding landfills. 

Lastly, if you are looking on this site then hopefully you also believe in the social and economic benefit of buying ethically made goods. In buying items for the 'sake' or welfare of others. At KeapSake we seek to support local village, home or co-operative organisations that follow fair-trade and sustainability principles where possible.