Hala Backpack

Hala Backpack


Hardwearing, handmade bags created out of premium canvas and leather. All materials are raw, up cycled and locally sourced in Kenya by local artisans who hand craft each bag. 

10% of every purchase goes directly to A Voice Is Heard to support sustainable community development projects in Kenya. 



Durable canvas, leather straps and base, brass details.

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Empowering artisans with sustainable income through their craft is the inspiration for Meyelo. Artisans typically have limited access to education and economic opportunity. Employing over 80 artisans in Kenya, Meyelo provides them with business training programs and revenue to the artisans and their communities by giving a portion of their proceeds back into the growth of artisan small businesses. 

With a long-term investment in helping others, Meyelo work in community development with Massai villages helping to provide better access to education, water, farming co-ops and medical needs.