Aqua Satchel

Aqua Satchel


Handcrafted from start to finish, this little bag comes from humble beginnings. Handspun wool is woven on a backstrap loom into beautiful designs, colours and textures. Each bag is then completed by hand with soft leather finishes. No two bags will ever be the same. 



26cm H x 24cm W x 9cm D

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Manuel and Marcela are a young couple trying to maintain the traditional crafts passed down through their families through their generations. The work they do is reminiscent of how their grandparents would have done it, but the finished product has a definite eye towards the modern guided by Marcela's taste for fashion. As with so many of the weavers in Oaxaca, to them it is not just about making a living but a continuation of the knowledge and pride that exists within all artisanal craft.