Shams - Drops

Shams - Drops


SHAM - Sunset in Arabic, a feminine word for the light and warmth that we all share. This bright design is the mirror sister to RISE; both the most beautiful and uplifting times of day.

Salute the sun and feel vivid through the fire colours in these drops which will create a blaze of interest wherever you go.

Hand coiled and hand shaped brass frame is complemented by intricately laced thread work in a myriad of colours and styles.

Jewellery that creates not only a fashion statement but also an ethical one.


Made in: Turkey

Material: Brass frame, plated with gold or silver. Silver hooks are hypoallergenic , gold hooks are plated and may wear down to the mixed metal. Turkish cotton thread.

SIze: Large 5cm drop, 3.5cm width

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DENB - close up threading shot.jpg

Drop Earrings Not Bombs is an organisation created to support displaced families, or more accurately Syrian refugees fleeing to Turkey from violence and conflict. As a collection of women, men and families integrating and re-building their lives in Istanbul this initiative provides them not only with security and sustainable incomes, but also community and connectedness through language training and business skill development.