Spectrum Wool Rug

Spectrum Wool Rug


A colourful world is a good world. Add a real statement to your home with this beautifully soft and fine wool rug inspired by the colours of the plants that are indigenous to Oaxaca. Handwoven woven with hand dyed wool sourced locally within the hills of Oaxaca, Mexico. 



Material: Pure wool

Size: 200cm Length x 130cm Width

Care: Gentle sponge cleaning 

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Manuel holding the handwoven wool rug

Here we have Mariano, President of the co-operative of one of the artisans groups that we partner with in Teotitlán del Valle holding the rug that we have on sale on behalf of his artisans. This co-operative was established in May 2004. It's 21 members include 8 women and 13 men, all artists originating from Teotitlán del Valle, which was one of the first villages founded by the Zapotec's in this area in 1465. It retains its Zapotec culture and language to this day. For this co-operative, their mission is to work together in solidarity in an atmosphere fostering equality and fairness, and to produce textiles of the best quality with natural organic dyes. Members also aim to take care of their health as well as the community’s environment to promote social, cultural, and economic development simultaneously.