Tri-Colour Bukedo Basket

Tri-Colour Bukedo Basket


Bukedo is the local term in Uganda for banana leaf stalks which make a strong base for sturdy baskets. Along with raffia that comes from palm trees, these materials are renewable, plentiful resources. 

Skill from years of practice enables an artisan to transform natural elements into a beautifully practical symbol of dedication and love. Passed down from generation-to generation, weavers show their children and grandchildren that even the smallest, focused steps lead to beautiful results. 

Designed and handwoven by rural women and their children in Uganda, this basket with its vibrant hues, also brings a sense of the skills, hopes and aspirations of these women and the others like them. 

Traditionally used for serving food in Uganda, these baskets look great mounted on a wall, propped on a shelf or even sitting on a table.


Made in: Uganda

Materials: Banana leaf and Raffia

Size: 20cm Diameter x 4cm height

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Basket weaving artisan

Basketry is the most developed craft in Uganda and is a skill passed down by women from generation to generation. Traditionally baskets were used to store dry food such as beans and also to serve 'matoke' (the Ugandan dish of steamed green bananas). The mission of this weaving group is to support as many other women as possible through the promotion of their handcrafts. By promoting and bringing these baskets to the Western world we hope to not only keep these skills and traditions alive, but also provide a sustainable income to these women who are predominately single mothers.