Charcoal Gold Bowl

Charcoal Gold Bowl


Fine and delicate, this stunning bowl is made out of recycled paper pulp and then embellished with gold paint. Ethically and sustainably hand made by female artisans working to create a better life for their families. 


Made in: Swaziland

Materials: Waste paper plup

Size: 29cm D x 16cm H

Care: Gentle dusting with the barely dampest of cloths. 

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Quazi_design_recycled paper artisan

Quazi Design was started in 2009 to help create much needed employmant in Swaziland, Southern Africa. Designing for sustainable change and social impact, responsible and thoughtful products, created out of recycled magazines, are hand made by local women. Empowering them through skill sharing, secure employment and hence a living wage. Most of the artisans were previously unemployed, and on average each has 7 dependents. 

A founding member of SWIFT, Swaziland Fairtrade, Quazi Design are an active advocate of fair trade principles. 

“Quazi Design is inspired by women. It is about women and how they work together using designs in a positive way. We believe in treating people, planet and profit equally, building a business where ethical and social standards balance with cutting edge design.”