Comb Ikat Silk Cushion

Comb Ikat Silk Cushion


This cotton-and-silk ikat covering, patterned on both sides, has been hand-woven using a detailed 70-step process. The comb-inspired design in vibrant shades of lavender and mint green is based on centuries-old patterns and colours.

The Uzbek term for "ikat" is "abrband" meaning literally "tying a cloud." It is one of the oldest and most elaborate forms of textile design. Each thread is dyed with a pattern before it is woven, using traditional dyes made from natural materials, such as pomegranate and saffron. The threads are hand-woven into beautiful patterns and motifs traditional to the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan.


•   50% silk and 50% cotton
•   45cm  x 45cm
•   Pillow insert is not included
•   Colours may vary slightly. Dry clean only.

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Born in the Fergana Valley in 1972, Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov is a fifth-generation ikat weaver whose exceptional skills were passed down from his father. He says, “We inherited from our ancestors this beautiful art of weaving unique patterns and colour combinations. My love of this art and the responsibility to pass it to the next generation inspires me to create new designs and produce good-quality fabrics.” Rasuljon is one of the few authentic ikat designers left in Central Asia. He works with 25 weavers – many of whom are women – as well as a similar number of dyers who are masters of the complex tying and colouring techniques that make ikat textiles unique. His workshop is located in a beautiful madrassa (religious school) in the city of Margilan, in the Fergana Valley, not far from the Kyrgyz border. Rasuljon has taught this ancient art worldwide, including master classes in San Francisco. When leading fashion designer Oscar de la Renta featured ikat dresses and skirts in his 2008 Fall Collection, some of the fabrics were made by Rasuljon himself. 

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