Hebron Glass Vase

Hebron Glass Vase


This colourful vase is hand-blown by artisans of Hebron Glass & Ceramic Factory, using recycled glass. Recycled bottles are smashed into pieces and melted in high temperature ovens.

In Phoenician glass blowing, artisans add substances to the molten glass, with the resulting reaction creating a range of colours. Working with this process takes an especially skilled hand, and is reserved for the true masters of the art. Each piece has its own unique blend of colour and pattern.


Made in:  West Bank

Material: Handblown recycled glass 

Size: 7Dx8H inches

Colours and patterns will vary

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Hebron Glass artisan

Established in 1920, Hebron Glass is a family business located in the historic West Bank city of Hebron, well-known for its traditional glass-blowing. Hebron Glass operates three main workshops in Hebron, in addition to artisans who work in their own homes. Some 60 artisans, women and men, work with Hebron Glass, earning excellent income and benefiting from safe working environments. One of the aims of the group is to build lasting relationships with fair trade associations. Hebron Glass aims to keep their artisans busy throughout the year, despite the challenges of occupation and war, and the competition from China. All tabletop items created by Hebron Glass are lead-free and safe to use. The group uses recycled glass, but only from drinking glasses and heated to high temperatures to sanitise them.