Herringbone bowl

Herringbone bowl


Made from a single sheet of brass, beaten, bashed and hammered into shape. Then topped with a hand hammered alternating herringbone detail to creatr a stunning effect. Luxurious with it's rich gold interior and contrasting antique effect black exterior, this bowl will add a touch of elegance to your home. 


Made in: India

Material: Brass with matte black exterior

Size: 33cm W x 16cm H 

Care: Food safe, although not recommended for highly acidic foods. Hand wash only.

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Adhya design handmade brass ware artisans

Adhya Design works to foster and promote Indian craftsmanship through the revival of traditional techniques with a contemporary focus. Providing economic opportunity and close working relationships with the artisans, they have watched many of them grow and be able to provide for their families. Working towards a more sustainable model recycled materials are used where possible.