Symbols Indigo Batik Cushion

Symbols Indigo Batik Cushion


Cotton cushion with hand woven, dyed and printed batik panel down the centre on front and back. The batik pattern is eye catching and intricate, requiring delicate detail work by the artisan.

The H'mong women cultivate, weave and dye cotton and hemp according to the strict regime of the seasons and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. 

This piece is truly an individual work of art and a unique item to  treasure for years to come. 


100% cotton. 45cm x 45cm

Cold hand wash or dry clean. 



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Pac Co is a cooperative of 24 H'mong women in the northern hills of Vietnam working together towards a sustainable and equitable future for their families and wider community. Through the development and sale of their traditional crafts they can preserve and promote their ethnic minority culture, buy food for their family, educate their children and get a fair income for their work.