Rain Batik Cushion

Rain Batik Cushion


The Rain pillow sham is a modern and beautiful work of art in white and grey colours. Through the ancient and intricate art of batik a plain white fabric is transformed by a process consisting of several layers of wax and dyes. The artisans first apply hot melted wax, which acts as a resistant on the fabric, then each piece is carefully submerged into a dye bath and allowed to dry in the sun. After removing the wax by boiling it in water, the fabric is transformed into a variety of unique products and designs.



Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm.
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Baobab Batik is a social enterprise based in Swaziland, South Africa founded in 1991 by Els Hooft with the aim of creating a sustainable and secure workplace for their artisans. Since then Baobab Batik has evolved into a thriving business employing over 35 people, where 50% of the profits are reinvested back into the company and the people. As a founding member of the Swaziland Fair Trade organisation Baobab Batik operates it's business according to the 9 principles of Fair Trade which can be found detailed within our Fair Trade page.