Deep Purple Satin & Nut Necklace

Deep Purple Satin & Nut Necklace


Casually elegant, deep purple and grey satin make a wonderful contrast in this necklace. Perfect for those daytime lunches and BBQ’s.

Here Tagua nut gets a faceted, gem-like cut and is then dyed from it’s natural ivory colour. Satin ribbon is added for luxurious touch to create this unique necklace.

Also known as “vegetable ivory,” tagua is produced by a palm-like tree in South America. The nuts fall to the ground when mature, thus harvesting does not damage the trees. Cultural tradition and forest preservation combine in the use of this renewable resource.


Handcrafted in: Equador

Material: Tagua nut on satin ribbon

Size: Adjustable, longest length is 30cm

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In response to growing poverty and inflation in Ecuador during the 1980s, a group of church communities organised to find a solution. The result was the formation of Maquita Cushunchic Comercializando Como Hermanos (MCCH) in 1985, an association of fair-trade cooperatives named for its mission: "Let's join hands and do business as brothers."

Now called Maquita, the organisation represents 400 small farmers and rural artisan groups from 21 provinces scattered throughout Ecuador, helping them with production, design and marketing.

For many artisans, craft income supplements meager agricultural earnings. In addition to handicraft sales, MCCH works with farm collectives exporting fair trade cocoa, with ecotourism and with women’s cooperatives. Maquita generates many employment opportunities in order to avoid migration to the city or abroad and has created a solidarity fund in order to be able to award microcredits.