Dhokra Brass Bead Necklace

Dhokra Brass Bead Necklace


Dhokra is an ancient form of bronze-casting where beeswax is molded into a form, covered in clay and then replaced with wax to cool. The end result comes out with a signature folk-art style which defines dhokra from lost wax casting. Sasha Handicrafts has partnered their team of Dhokra artisans with beadmaking artisans who work with glass. Together, they create modern designs with a nod to the ancient ways.


Material: Brass, glass beads, cord 

Size: Adjustable, 18 inches length

Handcrafted in India

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Sasha Exports is a nonprofit marketing outlet for many small member cooperatives of Sasha Association for Craft Producers. Sasha offers design services, and training in business skill development and other management principles. Sasha empowers artisans to run their businesses independently, building livelihoods for socially and economically marginalized producers. The wide range of crafts and textiles offered by Sasha draws on tradition, retaining cultural context, yet making products contemporary for present-day living. Sasha also hopes to revive a wide variety of dying handicraft traditions. For many artisans, handicraft production is their main source of income