Meandering Way Necklace

Meandering Way Necklace


Because you are traveling your own path and making your own adventure; because your story is woven with the shiny threads of strength and grace—braids and beads come together in style that sets you apart. Handcrafted by artisans of Tara Projects, a fair trade organization working in communities throughout India, training adults in craft skills and preventing child labor by providing educational services to young people.


Material: Braided metal mesh, glass beads

Size: 20L inches 

Made in: Handcrafted in India

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TARA Projects was established by Prof Shyam S Sharma in 1973 with the objective of empowering economically disadvantaged artisans in Delhi and working towards eradicating unfair trade practices and child labour. TARA actively engages in providing support services to artisans in the production and marketing of handicraft, and helps them work towards overcoming poverty and illiteracy, and hence exploitation. 

Prof Shyam S Sharma founded the Asia Fair Trade Forum, and was also a founding member of the Fair Trade Forum India. TARA is also a pioneer in non-formal education programs for women and children, provides medical insurance, interest-free loans, skills training and savings programs to its artisans. Working with registered cooperative communities and small family workshops, TARA tries to ensure that wages are at least 15% and as much as 50% above normal when sales enable this.