Oblong Shaped Lapis Studs

Oblong Shaped Lapis Studs


These oblong shaped studs are perfect for everyday wear and another great example of east-meets-west contemporary style. 



Dimensions: 16mm

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Handmade bronze jewellery Turquoise Mountain

All four businesses that created this collection are run by recent graduates of Turquoise Mountain. Turquoise Mountain is incubating these small businesses by providing physical space, electricity, tools and business support.

Afghanistan's arts and architecture were once the pride of Asia, but over 30 years of war have left these traditions on the verge of extinction. Since 2006 Turquoise Mountain has trained over 450 new artisans in traditional arts. These craftswomen and men learn centuries old skills and work with contemporary designers to produce their unique handmade pieces. In a conflict-ridden society with a debilitated economy, Turquoise Mountain has restored or re-build 112 historic or community buildings in the old city of Kabul, set up a local primary school and family health clinic.