Broken Sword Earrings

Broken Sword Earrings


Evoking the style of medieval nobility, these sword shaped earrings with their single garnet of deep rich red set in sterling sliver make the most exquisite fair-trade gift.

Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear they are another great example of east-meets-west contemporary style.  


Handmade in Nepal

Materials: Sterling silver, garnet

Size: 14cm L x 1cm W at widest point at top

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Nepal Traditional Crafts was established in 1964. It was the first company registered under the Department of Industry, specialising in the production and export of Nepalese handicrafts. By doing so Nepal Traditional Crafts provides jobs for a large network of low–income producer groups and economically underprivileged people in Nepal, and helps keep the traditional crafts of the region alive. Artisans receive fair prices, medical benefits, loans, paid leave, retirement benefits, children’s scholarships and skill development training. 

With the growth of mass production, traditional Nepali crafts were starting to die out. As a result of export markets for their handicrafts, artisans have a life of greater dignity, and some have been able to develop their own self-sustaining businesses.