White Marble Tray - Narrow

White Marble Tray - Narrow


Solid marble bevelled tray with a beautiful grain. Use it for serving nibbles, as a jewellery holder or just a decorative piece. Due to the natural properties of marble the colour and markings will vary, making each piece unique. 


Size: 7 cm W x 2.5cm 1 H x 30.5cm L

Care: Handwash in warm water.

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This co-operative was founded by the late Mansoor Ali, who pioneered fair trade practices in Pakistan’s stone industry while hiring artisans regardless of religion or ethnicity. The co-operative, then and now, works with underprivileged artisans to continue their traditional craft in stone and shesham wood products. It disperses orders to independently owned and operated onyx workshops that own their own equipment and rent or own their facilities. Most are family businesses employing several family members. Fair wages as well as additional benefits of profit-sharing, pension plans and medical benefits are provided to the artisans.