Walnut "Jali" Lattice tray

Walnut "Jali" Lattice tray


Sturdy and practical, this elegant “jali” (lattice) tray is a work of art and a reflection of the mastery of the hands that made it. Hand-crafted from walnut, a durable, this tray will be the show stopper whenever anything is presented on it. 

Wooden jali screens are traditionally found instead of windows in the old houses in Afghanistan, preserving privacy and sheltering inhabitants from the strong sunshine. Small pieces of walnut, a sustainable wood that is native to Afghanistan, are fitted together by hand, traditionally without glue, into intricate geometric patterns.


Made in: Afghanistan

Size: Small - 25cm x 35cm x 4cm, Medium - 32cm x 48cm x 5cm.

Care: Hand-finished with a thin layer of protective oil. Clean with a soft damp cloth. Do not immerse in water

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Afghanistan was once a great centre of civilisation found at the heart of the ‘silk road’. Their craft industry, a source of great pride for the Afghan people, suffered greatly after more than three decades of conflict and displacement. Turquoise Mountain trains a new generation of young Afghan artisans, ensuring the livelihoods of its students by connecting their work to markets across the globe. These craftswomen and men learn centuries-old skills and work with contemporary designers to produce their unique handmade pieces. 

In a conflict-ridden society with a debilitated economy, Turquoise Mountain provides education and employment for over 400 students, teachers, engineers, architects, and construction workers. The organisation is training a new generation of artisans, and reviving all but forgotten craft techniques and designs.