Cause + Commerce

KeapSake is a social enterprise, part of a new breed of businesses with a mission. As a social enterprise KeapSake competes within its market to sell products to achieve a sustainable revenue. However, instead of driving sales for the purpose of personal profits, this revenue is reinvested toward achieving our social mission. 

In our case, we aim to create employment and opportunity to disadvantaged people at a fair wage. With the belief that a large component of economic development lies in the power of responsible consumerism. We bridge the marketplace, connecting our consumers in Australasia to curated collections of handmade products - while telling the story of the artisans around the world who make them. 

Working with the 'trade not aid' principle, we hope to get consumers to think about the background and origins of the goods that they buy. All of our, and your, purchases make a difference. If we make sure that we buy ethically then we are directly supporting people in emerging economies. 

One of our key goals is empowering the people who hand make our goods. We open new markets that never existed before, creating greater demand for their handcrafted goods. This encourages our artisan partners around the world to utilise the skills passed down through generations into a better economic future for their families and communities. They no longer need to be dependent on others to provide for them and their children.

Social enterprises share some basic attributes. They:

  • Provide income so impoverished people can meet their family’s subsistence needs,
  • Have sustainable revenue and do not depend on donations to continue operating,
  • Reinvest earned income into the communities they work with,
  • Are scalable and can expand to provide more benefits to more people.

At KeapSake we choose to use capitalism compassionately - as a force for positive social change by improving the economic well being of communities and the health of the environment. This 'new' way of doing business should be normal, not alternative, as it's a way of respecting people and the planet equally.

When you purchase a gift from our broad collection, you are empowering us help others as well. 

Sophia Willcocks