KeapSake was founded with the hope of creating employment opportunities in developing countries so that people can earn sustainable incomes and, in doing so, work towards eliminating poverty.

We believe the best people to help communities are those that are part of them. Rather than enacting temporary relief measures or sending money as part of short-term aid, we want to invest in communities so that they are empowered to create change for themselves. In short, creating economic value in a way that also creates social value.

At KeapSake we believe in the saying that the people closest to the problem are closet to its solution. By working together with artisans in emerging economies we support local craft development, as well as celebrate the skills of each region. 

Through trade, families and predominately women who often have limited access to paid work, are able to gain economic independence, preserve traditional crafts and create brighter futures for their children. Direct trade creates better educated, prosperous and more stable societies which, we believe, makes the world a better place.


We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the globe seeking
extraordinary people and place with amazing indigenous natural materials. For within us is the quest to design unique, beautifully crafted pieces that have ancient roots and a modern soul. To develop a collection of products that is rich with the influence of multiple cultures.

Through care and connection we aim to transcend borders and collaborate with artisans to create the kind of good, and goods, that can empower and lift them out of poverty. To achieve a sustained and dignified living income through craft that reflects our combined personal stories and the wider narratives of the cultures that inspire us.

Decorative and functional every piece found on KeapSake is a treasure that endures.